Interview at The Bibliophibian

Posted November 22, 2013 by dove-author in News / 0 Comments


Nikki from The Bibliophibian was kind enough to host an interview with me today.

Nikki is a dear and good friend, with a wonderful taste in books. (We were discussing that taste earlier today in another post, actually!) I always enjoy hearing what they have to say, whether about books or something else, and wish I were even half as smart, insightful and good with non-fiction words. <3

They also deserve a better introduction than I’m able to provide. (In my defence, I’m not good at introducing people on a good day and I think I might be coming down with something. 🙁 Not during Nano, body! Especially not when I’m horribly behind!) But, anyway, Nikki is lovely and their blog is well worth reading. And if you want to read the interview they did with me… You can read that here.

I hope you’ll enjoy it and Nikki’s other posts!