Month: April 2015

The Faces of Depression

Posted April 17, 2015 by dove-author in Personal / 0 Comments


Please note! This post comes with a content warning for a discussion of depression in fiction, the different ways depression can show itself (or not), and references to suicide.

On a tangentially related note: This post was written for submission to a column anxiety weasels got too loud about. Mostly because I have no confidence in my ability to actually remember things accurately and what if I get it wrong?! So. You know. There’s that.

If anyone was wondering for any reason, why I haven’t commented on the Hugos… You know, apart from being the non-confrontational person I am in general, I was a little preoccupied attending a funeral and looking after myself. (If you’re worried: I am mostly doing okay by now, I think.) My thanks to all the moderate voices letting me keep somewhat up-to-date without being a ball of tears.

Lastly, my thanks to the lovely and wonderful people who looked it over for me and helped me get enough confidence to post it here.

And now, without further ado. A post below the cut!

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