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Guest Interview: RoAnna Sylver on their upcoming interactive fiction title Dawnfall

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Today, I’m interviewing RoAnna Sylver about their upcoming interactive fiction romance novel, Dawnfall, coming December 2nd, 2019! It’s am amazing genre-blendy story featuring space pirates, love of all kinds, found family, tons of queer characters, disability representation, and so, so much more! Let me give you the blurb and then we’ll hop straight into the interview!

Cover for Dawnfall by RoAnna Sylver, showing Zenith, the Ghost Queen and Oz working together.Find true love and family with a pirate crew at the ends of the universe, where aliens, ghosts, and portals open the space between worlds…and your heart. You are a Navigator, one who creates and guards portals from one dimension to another, wary of the liminal sea between them.

Your universe is made of two worlds: one contains the magic-infused world of Zephyria, and the other, the dystopian space station Eclipse. The worlds are balanced, until one day, an explosive disaster, a deadly energy storm, and an infamous pirate—the Ghost Queen—upend your life and plunge you into a race to save both worlds.

Dawnfall is a 235,000-word interactive romance novel by RoAnna Sylver, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power or your imagination.

So what happens when you find there’s not just two dimensions to save, but three? Is saving two worlds worth sacrificing one? Will you find love with the crew of the Dawnfall, or will you bring these pirates to justice? Are connections between universes, people, and lives meant to be forged and protected, or severed for the greater good?

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Guest Interview: Kate Sheeran Swed on The Toccata System series

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Today I’m interviewing Kate Sheeran Swed, author of the Tocatta System series, which is a trilogy of novellas about runaway assassins, cyborg vigilantes, love and technology. All three books in the series are now available through Amazon and will soon also be available at other retailers. These books are literary retellings, sort of, exploring the darker side of Great Expectations, The Phantom of the Opera and Treasure Island. They’re also great fun and really fast, action-packed reads as Astra, Claire and LJ try to take on a rogue AI determined to control the entire system and take revenge for her broken heart.

Let me give you the blurb for the first book, Parting Shadows, and after that I’ll pass the blog on to Kate as she graciously answers my nosiness about balancing literary allusions with writing your own new story, the polarising effect of technology (and its topicality), and a little bit of what to expect from Prodigal Storm since this interview focuses on the first two books. Go, my organisational skills!

Cover for Parting Shadows (Toccata System #1)by Kate Sheeran Swed, showing a space shuttle orbiting a planet.

Raised by a heartsick AI, she’s programmed to kill. And desperate to flee.

After growing up on an isolated space station, Astra dreams of solid ground. But with an AI guardian plugged into her head–and her nervous system–it’s not like she’s flush with choices. In fact, she’s got just one: use her training to carry out the rogue AI’s revenge. Her first mission? Assassination.

When her target flashes a jamming device that would guarantee her escape from the AI’s grasp, Astra sets out to steal it. But the AI’s plans are more dangerous than she suspected. Corrupted by heartbreak, the wayward computer is determined to infect the star system with a new order of digital tyranny.

Astra’s been raised to care for no one but herself. Now she’ll have to decide if she’s willing to trade the star system’s freedom for her own.

Parting Shadows is a far-future take on Estella Havisham’s journey in Great Expectations, and the first installment in Kate Sheeran Swed’s Toccata System novella trilogy.

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