Week 43 Round-up

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Weekly Accountability

Hi, everyone! It’s that time again! Weekly updates delivered every Saturday!

Completed Projects

  • Entirely different essay WIP finished

Goal Updates

  • Finish that essay!
  • Finish that short!
  • Finish that game!
  • 13/12 books

Writing Updates

This Week’s Fiction Wordcount: Er…

This Week’s Non-Fiction Wordcount: Around 2,000

Liraz Essay: I finished up a draft for a short essay on the way Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor portrays Liraz as ace (or not) because I finally read the book. Yay!

Life And Other Such Important Matters

Well, hopefully this being the second week I’m managing to actually be on time with this is a sign that things are changing! Otherwise there’s very little to report, really. I’ve started work on getting ivy out of the garden, but because reasons and circumstances, I can only get out, like, a handful each week. (Yes, each week.) But every little bit helps! I’m doing this because there is a lot of ivy and we’re trying to make the garden less attractive to unwanted critters. (The house pest is still in the attic. Right above my head.)

Stand-out Positive Moment

I should say “Star Trek: Discovery season 3 episode 2 is here!” because, truly, that show makes me happy, but no. I’m going to say “Watching figure skating with the Fantasy Inn Discord people” because that too makes me happy even though I so rarely get a chance to watch figure skating that I’m mostly oblivious to what I should be paying attention to. I have said “spinny spins” more times than I can count today. XD

I’d like to give an especial shout-out to Suncani for helping me watch all the spinny spins! 😀

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How about you? What have you been up to lately? Has anything awesome happened?