About Me

S.L. Dove Cooper / Dove Cooper (she/they) is a bi demi queer indie SFF author and independent researcher who is terrible at bios. Their fiction focuses on soft, intimate and character-driven SFF, often with asexual and/or aromantic characters at its heart. Exceptions exist. They write both novels (under S.L. Dove Cooper) and verse novels and poetry (under Dove Cooper).

Their research focuses on asexuality and aromanticism in SFF literature, with their first academic publication coming out later this year. Most of their research, however, is crowdfunded on Patreon.

S.L. Dove is multilingual and enjoys meeting up with friends, especially the writerly kind who are happy to quietly share a room and work together. They blog sporadically, but do their best to offer up a space for fellow authors to promote their work and boost it.

Dove has a BA and MA in English Literature and Creative Writing. They live in the wilds of continental Europe with a dog that is most definitely and emphatically not theirs.