The Princess who Didn't Eat Cake

Release Date: August 31, 2016
Pages: 53

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Once upon a time there lived a princess...

When the kingdom discovers that their crown princess doesn't like cake, chaos ensues. How will the royal line ever continue? Cake is essential to a good marriage! (Not to mention, the rejection of his cake was deeply insulting to the baker-prince who proposed with it.)

...and the stableboy who loved her...

The princess befriends a stableboy. She's oblivious to the fact that he's in love with her. The stableboy does his best to explain to the princess what is so wonderful about cake, but it takes an arduous journey to convince her to try a slice. a kingdom that didn't want to understand...

The Princess who Didn't Eat Cake is a demisexual fairy tale. It aims to introduce people to the concept of demisexuality and to offer a rough idea of how the world may be experienced by people identifying on the asexual spectrum. It offers both the titular fairy tale, a brief essay explaining what demisexuality is in more detail and a short list of books featuring demisexual characters for anyone who would like to see more representation in fiction.


Demisexual character, literary fairytale, cake analogy, baking to propose marriage, asexuality, aborted suicide attempt, friends-to-lovers, fairies, never get involved with fairies, True Love saves the day (or at least the stable boy), class differences, explaining demisexuality through story, also there’s an essay for those who prefer nonfiction, and a list of books with demisexual characters, (yes we can have lists of multiple aspec characters), basically "Among the Glimmering Flowers" and its sequels but much shorter