Sea Foam and Silence

(Fairytale Verses #1, Sea Foam and Silence #1)
Release Date: 10 June 2016
Pages: 278

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She warned of the pain. She did.
But no warning can prepare you.
Nothing can.

Long, long ago, a little mermaid became intrigued by the way tall-crabs don't act at all like the prey she's more comfortable chasing. Her quest to understand will take her places she had never dreamed possible - onto land and beyond the endless cold.

But quests always come with a price and hers is no exception. If she cannot find love within a year, she'll become sea foam. With only a month left and no closer to understanding 'love' at all, what is Maris to do? Tall-crabs - humans - are confusing and contradictory and love comes in so many forms, how can she ever know which one is right to win her life amidst friends and family on land?

Fantastical worldbuilding meets verse novels in this queerplatonic retelling of The Little Mermaid, the first story in a series of queer fairytale retellings.

NOTE: Sea Foam and Silence and A Harmony of Water and Weald are also available as a boxset at a reduced price.


little mermaid, aromance, asexual mermaid, aroace prince, lesbian princess, mysterious sea witch, fluff, all the queer fluff, so much fluff, HEA, look humans are just really WEIRD okay, curiousity… transformed the mermaid?, Bernhard is a pure cinnamon roll don’t hug him he’ll hate it, so much water, dancing is love, love is complicated, found family, did I mention that HUMANS ARE WEIRD?, mermaids eat people, queerplatonic polyamory, f/f/m, YA


Tall-crabs aren’t like crabs.
Not really.
Crabs are hard and cute.
They pinch.

Tall-crabs can move like crabs.
I like that about them.
They can pinch you too
If you pull them down after a storm,
But it’s…
It’s not much of a pinch.
You can barely feel it.

Tall-crabs have shells too,
But they’re not very useful.
You tear them off quick as biting.
I’m not sure why they have such soft shells.

I want to ask why.
My sisters do not know or care.
Tall-crabs are easy food,
Better than fish or sharks.

But why do tall-crabs have such soft shells?

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