Let’s Talk Acespec Fiction for Asexual Awareness Week 2019

Posted October 20, 2019 by dove-author in Ace & Aro Rambling / 0 Comments


It’s Asexual Awareness Week again and this is going to be the first video in a series discussing literature with asexual characters. This video aims to provide people with a general overview of what the state of ace representation in fiction is like right now. (It’s not great*, but I guarantee you, it’s better than most people think.)

This video is the first in a mini-series talking about asexual representation. I’ll be covering my go-to recommendations, more specialised recommendations, where you can find the representation yourself… All good stuff to help prepare you find the representation that you’re looking for!

But this video is just an introductory one where I geek out about books, as I do.

* Nominate me for an Understatement of the Century Award.

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