A Harmony of Water and Weald: A Sea Foam and Silence collection

(Fairytale Verses #1.5, Sea Foam and Silence #1.5)
Release Date: 1 September 2017
Pages: 118

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She warned of the pain. She did.
But no warning can prepare you.
Nothing can.

Maris has always been intrigued by humans, whether new among them or having lived with them for a year, her curiosity remains. A Harmony of Water and Weald is a collection exploring some of Maris's darker moments as she learns what it means to be human and a glimpse at what her life and family is like after the Sea Witch's deadline has passed.

Though her desire to learn about humanity is insatiable, her new life isn't all sweetness and love. She's abandoned her sisters to live among a people she doesn't understand, walking on feet like she was never meant to. Sometimes her life is homesickness, sometimes frustration, often confusion. Always, though, it is wonder and fierce delight at life.

A Harmony of Water and Weald is a companion to Sea Foam and Silence and contains pieces set both during and after events in that verse novel.


NOTE: Sea Foam and Silence and A Harmony of Water and Weald are also available as a boxset at a reduced price.


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This Roar of Tiny Voices

The first time I hear birdsong…
The first time after the Witch gave me legs. ^_^
That first time, it is a soft thing.



Waves of tall-crab life
Washing over them.
Like the roar of a storm
Where you cannot hear the whales
Unless you go down and deep.

Birdsong isn’t like that.
Tall-crab sounds aren’t like that.

It is… flat.
There is no down.
No up.

Forward, backward,
Sideways. Everywhere is pain.

Those first days…
Sea legs, they call it,
This trouble with how still the ground.

I laugh
And I am not sure if I am delighted
Or if I am sick with longing for my sisters. :/

But the birds.

The first time I hear it,
Truly hear it,
Without the din of a city
Overpowering their call,
I am driven to my knees.

Tall-crabs seem to delight
In my ignorance, but this…
This startles them. I think.
Their eyes grow wide
And there is this hitch
In their breathing.

I was walking beside the…. Carriage?
I think they call it a carriage.
I was walking beside it,
Despite the pain and
Despite the fuss
Because I did not want to be shut away
From this beautiful world.

Oh, I make it sound like there
Was silence and then all at once
The birds.
I am, aren’t I? T_T

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