Week 15 Round-up

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Weekly Accountability

Hi, everyone! It’s that time again! Weekly updates delivered every Saturday!

Completed Projects

  • One short novella
  • season 3&4 of The Legend of Korra watched

Goal Updates

  • 0/3 chapters of Promises 2
  • 6/14 books read
  • 0% Finalise book proposal draft
  • LP of Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Writing Updates

This Week’s Fiction Wordcount: 23,745 (I’m sorry what. No wonder I was out of spoons.)

This Week’s Non-Fiction Wordcount: 0

Glitter: This is a weird little novella, just, that Patrons will be able to read (partially) at the end of the month and then the conclusion next month. Have fun with it! I don’t do silly stuff very often and this is very silly. (Yes, Becca, this is exactly what you probably suspect it is. Now with less actual song lyrics and more incessant nattering!)

StabbyCinnamon: I blame Aliette de Bodard for this. Entirely. But hey I have my own stabby/cinnamon combo now. It’s fun! And very odd in a way since it’s just so different from what I normally write. If you all still respond to this (when it’s available) with “It’s so cute and wholesome”, I will attempt to give up. Nothing will convince you all that I put content warnings in for a reason. (Seriously, though, ILU all and am honoured people think my writing is soothing even when dealing with hard stuff. It’s largely just an endless source of amusement.)

Life And Other Such Important Matters

I am almost done with PT! Which is… interesting because apparently PT has maybe had the side effect of being good for my feet? At least I’m finally able to wear a less worn-down pair of sneakers without first putting a bandaid on my heel. (It… was a thing. And yes it was necessary.) I hope that stays, to be honest. I also spent Thursday and Friday mostly collapsed. And wondering why because surely the past week had not been that intense for my doing and. Well. [gestures at wordcount] Apparently it was.

Beyond that, though, life goes on. We’re wrestling background checks still, so joy not knowing if I need to plan a move on a nonexistent budget. My plants are doing all right, surprisingly. The strawberry seems to have forgiven me for thinking it would be fine without wire to protect it. We’ve had a cheeky robin fly into the house twice now. Because cheeky birds. And… yes. Things are quiet as they usually are for me.

Stand-out Positive Moment

My  dice finally arrived! I ordered some dice from Firebolt Dice during their clearing of Magical Girl dice and they took foreeeeever to arrive because mail. I’d seen them before and assumed they were sold out and then was alerted to a clearing sale on the non-perfect-but-useable remainder. And I pounced. I’m absolutely delighted with them. I think Neptune is the only blue die colour of the set I’m missing? (Also Venus.) But they’re so pretty. And they have a 1/7 difference I can actually parse quickly! I can work with the star/dot for the 6/9 one, though a bar at the bottom would’ve been better. (I think the issue is largely on the d20. Where they’re right beside each other. Whoever decided that the 1/7 and 6/9 numbers on dice faces needed to be directly beside one another? WHY DO YOU HATE PEOPLE, PERSON WHO DECIDED THAT?!)

Anyway! So I… had not thought I would get a chance for shiny magical girl dice, which you have to admit are extremely me, and then I did! And I got a set. And they promptly got stuck in the postal services for a month or so. Usually things arrive in a week or so, so I was a smol ball of anxious. And then I was a smol ball of anxious no more!

And I know this might seem silly to people, but these dice really do just make me happy.

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How about you? What have you been up to lately? Has anything awesome happened?